Negatives of social media detox

Social media user numbers continue to grow. As per latest research, the average person spends at least 1 hour and 40 minutes per day looking at their favorite social media sites and apps. This is a significant amount of time that is being spent in socializing, sharing opinions & building your own community. Mind it, in current scenario of LOCKDOWNS, communities are connected only through their social platforms.

However, this doesn’t mean that spending this much time on social media is only for growing connections, they are also good to let person know what is happening in the outer world. Social network has become proven technique of marketing and termed as ” LIST MARKETING”. This way of promotion has given a success rate of more than 45% in single campaign and more than 53% in Re-targeting campaign.

1. Social Comparison Cycle

Scientists have discovered that most people who use social media definitely compare themselves to everyone they know. This gives opportunity to learn the path of other’s success and capabilities to face own failure by following other’s battle stories.

For example, if everyone you know is getting married and having babies but you’re still single, you may end up feeling isolated and lonely, but on the same time you will also learn how couples have obtained successful conception through techniques like IVF. There are always two sides of a situation, knowing them through other’s experience is always beneficial.

2. You’ll Start Feeling So Competitive

Even if you aren’t aware of it, social media brings out your competitive side. This is because the main basis of social media networks such as Facebook is to attract attention to your posts. Each reaction and comment is a measure of how popular a particular post is, which can make you strive to outdo others and even yourself.

This type of competitiveness is healthy, and it will automatically apply to other work you perform in a day.

3. Improve Your Overall Mood

Studies have discovered that the more time you spend on a social media site, the more likely you are to release stress by knowing someone’s prank on the boss, or someone’s kid getting graduated ,or someone’s series-A funding approval.

In other words, if you’ve been feeling highly tired or stuck at someplace this is a good time to take a social media update. It may feel weird at first, but your overall mood should begin to improve as you observe different emotional colors from Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

4. Begin Living in the Moment

Do you post everything you do to Facebook while each activity or life event is actually happening? There have even been instances of people updating their Facebook and Twitter accounts from the altar immediately after getting married.

This is a viable way to document your life, your experiences are going to be stored and remain memorable. Sharing happiness will in turn increase happiness.

5. Don’t miss out the fun of stalking

Do you spend a lot of time looking at old tweets or Facebook stalking your ex? Don’t bother you are not alone.

Social media is the only way to gain “FEW CRITICAL ” information without knowing the world. It provides the feeling of remain connected . You can also tweak your Facebook memories to remain in certain times you love the most !!

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